Love has scarred thee, as love has died
each flame met with fire
hurt by the fall
cast to earth
my flesh rent and torn
how the dark has daunted
the shadow sang
I listened to its song
my blood flowed black
my lips did echo
the song that darkness sang
the light has come
though it hurts to look
I stare at it from dark
with each step taken
my insides die
my path grown more the weary

Public Name- The Dark One
AOL Instant Messenger SN- XenobiusII

And have the angels spoke, and sentenced the fall ?
How far they must have thrown thee
to stand beside, my broken form
so far away from heaven

Public Name- Kendra
AOL Instant Messenger SN- Kmkmyway or FireDance1985

with thy brethren fell, though fair in form
thy mind twisted with their's
the deep set cuts
the many scars, formed upon your heart
what torment found, that you should wreak
such hurt upon your brethren
as I loathe your words
your heart I know
it beats within my breast

Public Name- Suture
AOL Instant Messenger SN- Keepsie143 or Suture42

Hail to the flame
in fire wrought
so in fire perish
with each blow struck
has only grown
your form ablaze in blue
let the world so perish
the tormenters cease
as their world is engulfed in flames

Public Name- Bones
AOL Instant Messenger SN-godsized81

each ray of light that strikes your brow
reflects into my night
my darkness lightened
the shadow parts
dusk retreats, into my heart
the first dawn is born

Public Name- Jen
AOL Instant Messenger SN-lamburr

in silence sit, your mind in dark
so long the light has left
each ray that struck, evaded your grasp
you reached to each in turn
now you sit, the silence remains, longing to be free

Public Name- Danielle
AOL Instant Messenger SN-Klavier9NY

jest and jaunt, mirth overwhelmed you
ever the jester
a leaf dwelling sprite
in mirth you raise, your voice rebounds
barely heard, joyous, a child, dance
among the children of Atlas

Public Name- Syndy
AOL Instant Messenger SN-gdsofChaos

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